How To Choose A Domain Name For A Website


If you’re wondering how to choose a domain name for a website, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not all that complicated. A few common sense rules will however make a big difference in a good domain and a bad one. I’ve purchased tons of domain names in the course of my internet marketing career, and I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. I’ve come up with 5 basic steps for finding a great domain name. So let’s get started.

Basic Rule #1: Make It Short
Short domain names are easy to type. and easy to remember. It’s as basic as it gets, but which do you think is easier to get to:, or It’s a matter of simplicity. With that said, many if not most of the super short domain names are taken by now, so you might have to go for a slightly longer domain name than you would like. This brings me to the next rule.