Which PLR Topics Are The Best?


Hi Everyone! Today I’m going to dive into telling you which PLR topics are the best, and I’ll discuss whether I think there really are topics that are better than others.

Before I do though, you may have noticed that I have taken a little break from blogging. Don’t worry, I’m back with a vengeance! I’ve had a ton going on between back-to-back tennis tournaments for my youngest daughter and preparing for a sleep away camp for my oldest daughter. From time to time, I need to take a little extra time for my personal life and family, but that won’t derail me from pursuing my other love: blogging and internet marketing,

OK, so back to the topic at hand. There are some PLR topics that are what we call “evergreen”. This means that they are topics that will be relevant year-round. Some of the most popular evergreen markets are health, wealth and love! So anything around fitness or diet, finances, making money (especially online), or relationship (and the related topics) are going to be safe topics at any time of the year. These are probably the ones you’ll find the most PLR for. So are these the best? Well, not necessarily. I’d say that any of the PLR you find on the topics I just mentioned are a safe bet, as long as you’ve got quality PLR.

However, there are plenty of other topics that will be extremely lucrative for you. One very good example would be seasonal topics. During the holidays, people are shopping. The closer you get to some of the major holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween, and the like, the more opportunities you’re going to have to use this kind of PLR.

Last year, I created a huge bundle of PLR articles, each one about one of the top selling toys on Amazon. I released it a bit before Christmas and it was a huge hit! Buyers of this type of PLR can use these articles for their own blogs, with affiliate links of the toys mentioned in the articles. I did all of the research, read reviews, descriptions and ratings, and presented customers all they needed to know before purchasing one of these toys. I personally never choose toys to review that I don’t own, or wouldn’t own, but that’s just me. You can use PLR from anyone, but I recommend you purchase from quality sellers. There are plenty of other seasonal topics, including summer fun, gardening, holiday crafts and events, and anything related.

The best PLR though, no matter what the topic, is well-written and solves a problem that your potential customer might have. Don’t limit yourself to the same topics all of the time, you might just find another use for your PLR. Let me know your thoughts and what kind of PLR you use the most.

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