How To Make PLR Articles Unique


Today I’m going to talk about how to make PLR articles unique. There’s no question that having PLR articles can be a huge time-saver and a great way to enhance the content of your services, whether that’s a website, en email list, or even products like ebooks. But because PLR articles and content packages are sold as-is, often to many buyers, it’s important to make it unique.

There are simple ways to change up your content so that it’s not identical to what everyone else is using. My personal favorite trick is to purchase a couple of packs from different authors on the same topic. Then you can mix and match! I like to take the best parts of each article and weave it into a new article of my own. If you choose to go with just one author though, there are plenty of simple ways to make changes that will make it your own.

My first tip is to change any heading or headers that are in the article. You don’t need to change it all that much, but changing even a few words will help.

My second tip is to go paragraph by paragraph. I read it, then rephrase it in my own words. It may sound time consuming, but actually it goes much faster than you think. I can change a PLR article in less than 5 minutes and I know that if I had to write the same article from scratch, it would take me a lot longer than that.

Having fresh, unique content on a blog is incredibly important. It’s why your readers come to your website in the first place and it’s what will keep them coming back time after time. Likewise, if you’re planning to sell an eBook, you want your product to be interesting and not just the same information that 50 or 500 other people have.

After you’ve made changes to your PLR by changing the header or combining the best parts of a couple of similar articles, there’s still more you can do. For niche content, take a look at articles online on your topic. Read them, then close it up and add your own twist to the article. For example, if you’re running a gardening blog, take a look at other articles online, then close your browser tab and write things from your own perspective.

Another great way to get fresh content to enhance your PLR is to read magazines on your topic. Let’s say you are in the parenting niche. Skim through some of the parenting magazines out there and notice the headlines. Is there anything you can put your own spin on with your related PLR?

For me, PLR articles act as inspiration. I have a framework to start with and then build off of that.

If you have good tips for making your PLR content unique, leave a comment below!

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