How Do You Know When You’re Successful?


Success means different things to different people. For me, one measure of success is to have reached that point financially when I can give my full-time job the boot and work from home. It’s always been the ideal lifestyle for me. But success can be anything that you value and makes you feel as if you’ve accomplished your goals. There are other ways in which I feel successful. One is when I’ve had a great day with my kids or my husband. If we manage to go a day with the usual the chaos of getting ready for work, for school organizing the schedule for the babysitter for the week and still manage to have fun, in my book, that’s a huge success.

Think about the ways that you feel success and jot them down. If you value making a certain amount of money, write that down. If for you it’s being able to finally buy that dream home, write that down. Whatever it is that make you feel accomplished, then start logging it. You can use a notebook or you can keep a journal of your successes for more inspiration. There are many “successful quotes” but this one speaks to me:

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda — John C. Maxwell


Once you reach your milestones, note it! Reward yourself for having achieved a major goal. But don’t stop there. There are always ways in which one can feel successful, in fact, you may not have even realized that simple tasks can give you the same feeling of success.

Identifying these milestones gives you a way to develop more opportunities to achieve and feel good about yourself. A measure of success is always personal and is different for everyone. There are plenty of ways to be successful, so be on the look out for anything that gives you that feeling of joy and accomplishment!

I’d love to hear more about your own journey to success!

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